Anne Clark

Anne Clark: The style icon of electronic music and at the same time "spoken word" artist surprises with an acoustic album at Stockfisch - borderland between poetry and music.

For more than 40 years Anne Clark has held a unique place in contemporary music.

Anne Clark

- found music for a lost world.


The style icon of electronic music and the European New Wave movement, Anne Clark, goes completely new, unexpected ways with Stockfisch Records: The internationally successful singer releases a purely acoustic album with spoken poems.

The "spoken word" artist speaks delicate, fragile and very personal lyrics. She frames these with minimalist music. Her poetry tells of the sensual beauty in nature, the unfathomable in art and the courage to let go in life. The Brit speaks her poetry with care, letting the magic of her voice and every word work and unfold. The music enhances the poignancy of this poetry: Her band member Justin Ciuche on violin, together with harpist Ulla van Daelen, recorded very reduced sounds in live sessions. These picturesque and beautiful settings let the poems of the language artist shine. In addition to her own texts, she recites poems by William Butler Yeats and Mary Coleridge.

The album's booklet is completely private: the singer reveals her love of nature and illustrates her lyrics with touching and detailed photos of plants and landscapes that she created herself.

Super-Audio-CD Hybrid: SACD Stereo + CD-Layer
SFR 357.4106.2  •  total time 64:10

Also available as Double-Vinyl 12" - 33rpm   from Feb. 10, 2023

SFR 357.8106.1  •  total time 64:10  •  180g Doppel-LP

Anne Clark about her new album: "In a place and time where so many of us have so little control over circumstances and events, I feel privileged to have been given this opportunity to create and explore ideas and themes around language and music that evolved and developed spontaneously in the magnificent environment of Stockfisch Records studio."


performing on "Borderland":

Anne Clark  -  voice  / Ulla van Daelen  -  celtic & concert harps  / Justin Ciuche  -  5-string Quintone violin